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t - Powerful command line interface for Twitter →


As regular listeners know, I love Earthquake, the super awesome text mode Twitter client from jugyo (十行). What Earthquake is to the streaming API, t from Erik Michaels-Ober is to REST API in the command line. Erik and I have helped maintain John Nunemaker’s Twitter gem for a few years now. While John included a basic command line interface early on, it never approached the level of Unix-y sophistication as Erik has created.

T supports a massive list of commands and subcommands including anything you’d expect in a Twitter client, but the real power is in piping commands together, Unix style:

Favorite the last 10 tweets that mention you

t mentions -n 10 -l | awk '{print $1}' | xargs t favorite 

Count the number of employees who work for Twitter

t list members twitter team | wc -l 

Add everyone you’re following to that list (up to 500 users)

t followings | xargs t list add following-`date "+%Y-%m-%d" 

Check out the README for installation and usage.

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